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Carhartt's New Smart Vest Uses AI to Keep You Warm on the Job

Is artificial intelligence more effective than layering? Carhartt's new heated vest is up for the test.

Carhartt’s latest addition to their winter workwear collection is the hottest innovation to hit the heated workwear market in years. The Carhartt X-1 Smart Heated Vest, a novel release from the company known for some of the best workwear on the market, isn’t your average fleece vest. This tech-forward workwear includes—drumroll—built-in artificial intelligence.

Say goodbye to the need for bulky cold-weather accessories and hello to durable workwear that offers regulated heat both on and off the job. In partnership with clim8, Carhartt brings the future to men’s workwear with their newest release, which instantly responds to real-life conditions.

What is the Carhartt X-1 Smart Heated Vest?

Carhartt’s smart heated vest rivals heated jackets thanks to a lightweight design that’s easy to move around in. Unlike traditional cold-weather gear that’s built for layering, Carhartt’s heated vest delivers the warmth of cold-weather workwear minus the added bulk.

The vests are powered by a 7.4V 3000mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery and include a charger. They also have a drawcord-adjustable hem for added coverage and two pockets in the front.

Not only does cold weather gear require layers to properly work, but it has an unfortunate tendency to trap heat and create uncomfortably warm conditions. Overheating still happens in chilly conditions, especially when outdoor workers overestimate how warm they should dress. Carhartt’s heated vest is different.

Instead of heating to a certain temperature, the vest takes into account how warm the body already is. It uses three strategically-mapped heat zones to monitor temperatures in real time. Surprisingly, these zones have the ability to automatically analyze the wearer’s environment and activity to determine the appropriate heat setting. This prevents the need to add and subtract layers as the temperature outside fluctuates.

Just open up the included app on your smartphone and set your ideal temperature—the Carhartt vest does the rest. By using reactionary monitoring, there’s no need to manually adjust heat settings as you would with traditional heated gear. Instead, Carhartt’s heated vest makes it easy to focus on the job at hand—not the temperature outside.

Where can I find the new Carhartt Vest?

Carhartt Smart Heated Vest gif showing men's and women's vestsCarhartt Smart Heated Vest gif showing men's and women's vestsvia merchant (2)

Carhartt’s heated vests come in both women’s and men’s styles, available on Carhartt’s website for $219.19. Although the vest withstands the stressors of outdoor jobs like construction work and surveying, it still looks pretty sleek.

Want to try the new Carhartt X-1 Smart Heated Vest? Add one to your cart ASAP. New Carhartt releases typically sell out quickly.

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