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What is the FedEx Cup Playoffs?

This week, Memphis will host the FedEx Cup Playoffs. What's at stake? This trophy and a substantial check are at stake.

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We are now on to the post-season of the PGA Tour regular season. This means that the FedEx Cup Playoffs will begin in the world of golf. How exactly does this playoff work?

This is everything you need about the FedEx Cup Playoffs 2022.

2022 FedEx Cup Playoffs schedule

FedEx Cup Playoffs are three tournaments that take place in August: the FedEx St. Jude Championship (BMW Championship), and the Tour Championship (Tour Championship). Below is the complete schedule.

FedEx St. Jude Championship Aug. 11-14 BMW Championship Aug. 18-21
Tour Championship Aug. 25-28

2022 FedEx Cup Playoffs format

Although the FedEx Cup Playoffs format may have changed over time, the system in 2019 is the same.

Players are awarded points throughout the regular season for their performance at each tournament. 500 points go to the winner of regular-season events and 600 to the winner of majors and the Players Championship.

The FedEx Cup standings will determine the FedEx St. Jude Championship, which will be held at the end of the regular season. The FedEx St. Jude Championship will determine the top 70 players who qualify for the next week's BMW Championship.

FedEx Cup points are awarded at FedEx St. Jude or BMW. The winner receives 2000 points. This means that performance in the playoffs will be weighed more heavily than regular-season events.

After the BMW Championship is over, the top 30 finishers in the standings will move on to the Tour Championship at Atlanta.

How the Tour Championship works

The Tour Championship is unlike any other tournament of the PGA Tour. Instead of starting at even par, all players start the tournament at the same level. Players are awarded "starting strokes" according to their FedEx Cup standings. Below are the Tour Championship "starting strokes".

No. 1 - 10 under
No. 2 - 8 under
No. 3 - 7 under
No. 4 - 6 under
No. 5 - 5 under
Nos. 6-10 - 4 under
Nos. 11-15 - 3 under
Nos. 16-20 - 2 under
Nos. 21-25 - 1 under
Nos. 26-30 - Even par

This structure is in effect when play begins. The FedEx Cup champion is the player who finishes the Tour Championship with the lowest score.

2022 FedEx Cup Playoffs money

The FedEx Cup Playoffs offer a lot of money. The total amount that the PGA Tour will pay out at the end of the Tour Championship is $75 Million, with $18 Million going to the winner.

Below is the entire payout structure.

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What is the FedEx Cup Playoffs?